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Macarthur Honda is your local Honda dealership that has built its legacy on lifelong values such as strong team ethics and fostering a family environment. All our team members are fully equipped with the latest industry information, skill and expertise which enables them to harness their potential in fulfilling their roles.

At Macarthur Honda, it is all about helping others. And this is consistent between team members as well as to our customers and the local community. We share our experiences, but we also want to learn from the experiences of new employees. We have hand-picked the best of what Honda Australia has to offer. Our team is proud to offer over 30 years of total experience and knowledge of the brand all under one roof. We have a very diverse team who constantly adapt and mould to the ever-changing landscape and will always look to find new ways and methods to help connect people who need our help.

Our business is not so much about cars as about connecting with people and we look forward to the opportunity of connecting with you.

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